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Pursuant to Moldavian law, «PANTRONUS» s.r.l. acts as the representative of ships / owners which wanting to register their fleet under the state flag of the Republic of Moldova. Our destination to offer ship owners, operators, charterers and their representatives with relevant information required to register their vessels in the State Register of Ships of the Republic of Moldova.

The prices for registration under Flag of Moldova are the cheapest in the world. Navigational certificates are valid one year, and are renewal every year. For more details information about prices don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Administration of the Moldova is characterized as an authority that cooperates quickly and efficiently with the registration of applications and the issuance of appropriate documents.

The Administration of the Republic of Moldova recognized next classification societies

On the Danube river

Registration under Flag of Moldova is up to 1 working day. Only the acceptance of the ship under the flag of Moldova takes maximum 5 day on the verification of the ship and company under international sanctions by the Moldova Ministry of Foreign Affairs, usually the answer is given in 3 working days.


The Flag of the Republic of Moldova is a flag of convenience and is widely recognized around the world. Moldova is a member of the International Maritime Organization and also a party to multiple international conventions in the field of sea navigation, including, among others, MARPOL, SOLAS, STCW, and other conventions. Moldova is also a plenipotentiary member of the Danube Commission.

No restrictions on vessel registration for non-residents of the Republic of Moldova, both legal entities and natural persons
Exemption from payment of taxes and customs duties for all ship owners and freighters of the vessels registered in the Republic of Moldova
Quick and easy registration procedure, everything can be done in one-two days, if all the documents are ready
Fees and charges are collected only for the vessel registration, the ship radio station licence, and the call signs

Low fees and charges when compared to other jurisdictions
No restrictions on vessel age, for the registration of all kinds of vessels
Additional discounts for the registration of up to 10 years old vessels
No restrictions on crew nationality
Most-Favoured-Nation treatment in most of the ports

The Republic of Moldova is not considered as an “offshore zone” and has never had such a status according to the World Bank